Lozère and Lapland

Countries involved : France (Lozère) and Sweden (Lapland)
 : Europe, Leader, Feader, Région Languedoc-Roussillon, Pays des Cévennes, Pays des Sources en Lozère, Pays Gorges Causses Cévennes, Leader Lappland
Duration of the project 
: 2012-2013



Ugo Baudin
Lennie Beauclair
Julia Da Pozzo Bonggi
Camille Laurençot
Manon Lemonnier
Maxime Loubier
Célia Molina
Sophie Tiers


Jon Borg

Sebastian Kroik

Moa Mikaelsson

Elin Thellbro

Maria Unnes

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Lozère and Swedish Lapland, two regions with the same challenges? Lapland, the territory in northern Sweden, has much in common with Lozère; rich natural and cultural resources, vast forests, low population density.

Encouragement of installations of innovative rural activities is a joint initiative to both regions. This motivated the creation of this initiative, involving young people from Lozère to make reportage in their own area and in Lapland (and vice versa) so that entrepreneurs here and there evoke their integration in the rural areas (motivation, difficulties, reception...). Following this, with the support of videos, public debates and information via social networks, highlight the installation policies.

7 young lozèriens were selected to become reporters in their own region and in Sweden 5 young people from Lapland.

Follow them through their stories, travel and final debate.


Contact : contact@lesavoirfaire.fr

Contact Leader Lappland: leopold@sorsele.se


Project history

30 juillet 2012 en Laponie

Aujourd'hui, départ aux alentours de 10 heures en direction de Storuman pour rencontrer Erika Stenman qui a créé son propre café le long de deux axes routiers européens. Nous avons tout d'abord profit...

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